Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage: from pain relief to reduced stress

Shiatsu is a type of physical therapy aimed at supporting and strengthening the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It originated from Japan and includes traditional Chinese medicine practices, as well as some influences from Western therapies. A Shiatsu practitioner uses touch, pressure, and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance its energy flow. Learn about the benefits of Shiatsu massage and how this relaxing experience can alleviate stress and illness.

Principles Of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu literally means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese. While the use of physical pressure and stretches reduce muscular tension and loosen stiff joints, this is unlike an ordinary massage. The principal aim of Shiatsu is not to work on muscles and joints, but on the overall energy system of the client. In this way, it addresses the whole person: the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being.

Shiatsu employs a variety of manual techniques, including pressure, kneading, tapping, and stretching, to access the vital Qi of the body. There are techniques to address deficient Qi, as well as to disperse excess energy. The goal of Shiatsu is to stimulate and harmonize the flow of Qi throughout the body. Moreover, Shiatsu works to alleviate conditions, restore balance, and promote overall good health.

Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

By correcting a person’s vital energy, Shiatsu addresses a wide range of conditions, from pain, to body system disfunction, to stress, and disease.